Monday, August 22, 2011

Grocery shopping day

Monday I usually buy my groceries for the week and today was no different.  I had several new things on the list, including some things I had never before purchased nor did I think I would.  This included carrots and celery.  Also on the list was coconut oil, almond flour and almond butter.  The latter proved to be a very exciting purchase for me, as it is a very good substitute for peanut butter, which is something that I've had for breakfast since I was little.

On the docket to make and/or try this week:  apple chips, fruit crumble, nut flour muffins, chicken in the crock pot, garlic chicken and then making chicken stock from the chicken bones.  Stay tuned to see how these turn out.

This weekend will present a challenge for me, as I will be out of town overnight on Saturday.  It is football season and our draft is Saturday.  There will be lots of temptations, but I'm going strong and really no need to deviate.

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  1. Sounds like you are doing great fella...keep up the good work!