Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Delayed updates for Week 12 and 13

Good day!  I've been doing some traveling and am now back.  It was a rough week during Week 12 in Dallas. This time the guys wanted to go out every night.  I kinda needed to do it to build relationships with some folks in other offices, so it didn't sit well with my weight.  I weighed in at 302 at weeks end.

Week 13 was spent traveling as well, only this time I was able to get back and stay on track.  I had an opportunity to weigh myself this morning (part way into Week 14) and the scale read 296.  That brings total weight loss to 70 pounds!  Paleo loss is at 48.  I've started some elliptical training the past couple of days and I have to say I'm addicted already.  It feels great.

I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving with my family and friends.  And of course to the HUSKER v. IOWA game on Friday.  I hope it is a good game.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Report on zucchini goulash

This was really good.  Easy to make and makes a ton of leftovers.

Week 11 completed

The scale confirmed what I was thinking, that I had a really good week.  It read 300, for a loss of four pounds for the week.

I've made the switch to eating grass fed beef.  The price for ground beef is nearly the same as sugar feed beef.  The other cuts are more expensive, but I think they are better for you.  Certainly less fat and calories.  I shop at a store called Hy-Vee.  They are located in the midwest, based out of Iowa in West Des Moines, which is where the store I shop at is located.  It is the closest store to their headquarters, so I am sure it gets more attention than most.  The health food section is really good.  If you have never really looked at the products that they sell in those four or five aisles, I think you would be amazed.  I'm thankful to have such a store so close to home.

On the plan for meals today is zucchini ribbon goulash.  It looks good and I'll have a taste report for you next week.