Saturday, October 29, 2011

Week 10

Good morning!  My week 10 results are in.  If you were looking for week 9 results last week, I apologize, but I was out of town.  It was a roller coaster of a week, due to being out of town.  I visited an old work colleague who knows how to cook and doesn't do so with regard to health, thus I indulged a tad.  My week 8 updat was at 309.  Last Monday (after the weekend) I weighed 314.  This morning I weigh 304.  I didn't do anything different, just got back on paleo and away the weight went.

I'm still doing cardio nearly every day.  About 30 - 50 minutes per.  This has mainly been in the form of walking.  Now that it is starting to cool down, that should force me back to the gym.  Weight training will then be added, not in the form of heavy lifting, but rather toning and strengthening joints.

Oh yeah, a report on chicken pancakes.  I've received probably 50 inquiries over the past weeks as to what they are like.  They are delicious.  I preferred them with BBQ sauce over wing sauce.  I'm betting they would taste good with natural maple syrup as well.  Very easy to make, too.

A big game for the Huskers today versus Michigan State.  It is a home game for the Huskers -- I hope that gives them the edge.

Another side note, I received my iPhone 4s yesterday.  It is nice; I like Siri.  The EVO screen was really big.  I had forgotten just how large it was until I returned to the relatively tiny iPhone screen.  Plus side -- it is easier to operate with one hand than the EVO.  Also switched over to a Mac at home for my main machine in my office.  I can't believe I didn't do this sooner.  I love this operating system.  That's quite a statement coming from someone who has made their career pimping Microsoft software.  Oh well.

Have a fantastic weekend everyone!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

What a difference a day can make

Good morning!  Yes, it is a good morning.  My attack that I detailed yesterday has been dramatically reduced. If anything, this will serve as documentation for myself.

Yesterday's regimen included four ibuprofen, four dark cherry concentrate capsules, some dairy (in the form of a glass of milk and some cheese) and only bacon for breakfast from the meat category.  My toe is just about pain free this morning.  I'm going to take two more ibuprofen this morning and try not to take any the rest of the day.  This really, obviously, doesn't prove anything, but I just wanted to document this for my sake more than anything else.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Two months in

The scale read 309 this morning, for a loss of three on the week, 35 in two months of Paleo and a total of 57 since March.  I have a nice gout attack going on right now in my right big toe.  It is really painful and flared up on Tuesday, overnight.  Given that, I'm more or less forced to make some dietary changes.  These changes may be long term or short term -- I'll have to see how it goes.  For the immediate future, no meat and I'm adding dairy.  Also supplementing with black cherry concentrate.  I realize that takes me off paleo, but it has to be done.

The last flare up occurred after I ate some craw fish down in Dallas.  This flare up -- I can only attribute it to tomatoes, eating a lot of meat or the beer from last weekend.  Probably a combination of the latter two.  That means beer is out for a while now, too.  In the six months that I didn't have any beer, I never had a single attack.  Since I've added it back, I have had two in a month's time.  So, in talking it out here on my blog, it might just be the beer, which I can handle more than not eating meat.

My dog is really upset with me right now, as we had been on a two week streak of going for a nightly walk.  Hopefully this ends soon and we will both again be happy.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Week 7 results

Weigh in this morning at 312, a loss of two.  Moving in the right direction.  Had a pretty good week.  I tried my hand at making soup (paleo chicken and carrot curry), didn't turn out too bad.  Was able to put some leftovers in the freezer, too.

Have a good week!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Week 6 is over

Here's what happened.  Last Saturday, I decided to go off diet.  What I ate really doesn't matter, it is the result that matters -- a two pounds weight gain.  I think it proved a point to me; that it did absolutely nothing for me.  That situation won't happen again.  As a result, it took me two days to get back to where I was on last Saturday morning.  I then kicked it into high gear with additional cardio, but fell short of my goal again this week.  My goal was four pounds and instead I only lost three, down to 314.  If it wasn't for that day, I would have been down five for the week.  This is hard work and maybe I'm being too hard on myself.