Saturday, October 15, 2011

Two months in

The scale read 309 this morning, for a loss of three on the week, 35 in two months of Paleo and a total of 57 since March.  I have a nice gout attack going on right now in my right big toe.  It is really painful and flared up on Tuesday, overnight.  Given that, I'm more or less forced to make some dietary changes.  These changes may be long term or short term -- I'll have to see how it goes.  For the immediate future, no meat and I'm adding dairy.  Also supplementing with black cherry concentrate.  I realize that takes me off paleo, but it has to be done.

The last flare up occurred after I ate some craw fish down in Dallas.  This flare up -- I can only attribute it to tomatoes, eating a lot of meat or the beer from last weekend.  Probably a combination of the latter two.  That means beer is out for a while now, too.  In the six months that I didn't have any beer, I never had a single attack.  Since I've added it back, I have had two in a month's time.  So, in talking it out here on my blog, it might just be the beer, which I can handle more than not eating meat.

My dog is really upset with me right now, as we had been on a two week streak of going for a nightly walk.  Hopefully this ends soon and we will both again be happy.

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