Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The diet and starting statistics

As you may have noticed on the "About Me" part of the blog (see the right side of this page), I'm going to follow the Paleolithic diet.  There are a couple of reasons that I've selected this particular way to eat.  First, it is low carb.

I'm diabetic.

That was difficult to type.  I wanted to do everything that I could not to get to this point.  This changes now.  Fortunately for me I'm not on any medication for that issue.  My goal is to remain that way.

Second, and lastly, it just makes sense -- eating only those foods that are created by the earth.  It is good for you and if there is ever a situation where something happens to our economy or society, I'm a little bit ahead of the game with respect to diet.

Statistics -- as of August 12

  • Weight -- 344 pounds (actual starting weight as of 08.18 7:30am)
  • Blood sugar -- 107
  • Blood pressure -- 120/80
  • Triglycerides -- 106
  • Cholesterol -- 156
  • LDL -- 97.8 (03.22)
  • HDL -- 24 (03.22)
  • HA1C -- 5.5
  • Medications -- Fenofibrate, Lisinopril, Amlodipine, Metoprolol

All cupboards have been cleared out and refrigerator is stocked with only what you can find on earth or make with those things found.

I'm not a green tea drinker, but that will also change tomorrow.  No more diet Coke for me in the mornings.

And away I go.


  1. Good luck Dustin. The hardest part is the first few days. I was really hungry. I just ate a bunch of fruit, peaches are in season now along with cantaloupe and strawberries. Now that I am 4 weeks in its pretty rare I have any hunger issues.

  2. Good luck D! As NoPartyForMe stated above, the first couple of days are the toughest...but you will be surprised how quickly your body will adjust...just stick with it! Another tip is to drink lots of water, it will make for more stops on our trips to AR, but it does help combat the hungry feelings.