Thursday, September 1, 2011

Week 2 results

The results are in...and they would of course be hard to beat the first week.  When I stepped on the scale this morning, I weighed in at 328.  That meant a loss of three pounds during week 2.  Not bad; still in the right direction.  Here's what I've learned (or learned again):

  1. Losing weight is simple math.  Calories in < calories out.  Period.
  2. I know what my number is in order to lose weight with little or no exercise.
  3. Track everything, it will help you figure out why things didn't go the way you had planned.
  4. Try new things.  You may be surprised.
  5. It is no fun to go to The Palms and not be able to "enjoy" myself as I have in years past.
  6. I make a really good, hot and spicy burger.
This next week I plan to increase my activity level by going to the gym at least three times.  I'm also going to try chicken pancakes this weekend.  New things tried this past week:  homemade fajitas (needs some work), paleo chocolate cake (wow, really good), red curry chicken (not bad, needs improvement), yellow peppers on the grill (delicious).  I'm going to make crock pot chicken tomorrow, finally, assuming my bird is thawed.  Being that I'm cooking more, my dishwasher is certainly getting more work.  The old thing works like a champ -- the best one I've ever owned.

Side notes:  I took back my glasses.  They have rubber socks at the ear.  On the outside of the sock are raised circles that hurt my ear after I wore them a couple of days.  Oakely is shipping some new socks, but they weren't made for these glasses.  I'm having them ship a different frame, too.  My trusty old glasses appear to be better than the pair I spent all sorts of money on.  Figures.


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