Saturday, March 31, 2012

Injury free

I'm back.  After I took a few days off from the gym and BJJ, my back informed me it was in bad shape.  For a period of about three weeks, whenever I stood from a seated position, wow, it hurt.  The doctor said that it was just a muscle issue and that it might take a while to heal.  Well, everything is back in order -- finger and back.  In order to minimize the chance that I'll be in that position again, I'm going to take about another four weeks off of BJJ and really work on my core.  I've been doing that the past two weeks and so far so good.

With the time off due to the back, I also fell back in some bad eating habits.  I gained about 10 pounds.  I really felt like crap for two reasons.  First, I knew that I wasn't eating right.  Second, when you don't eat right your body tells you and drags you down.  I felt tired all the time.  Being back on track, again, feels way better.  Lesson learned, again, don't get off track.  It doesn't do any good and no food can replace this feeling.

Weight this morning is 279.  Paleo loss equals 65 and total weight loss since March of last year equals 87.

I'm looking forward to a great day today.  My nephew is playing the role of The Beast in his school's production of Beauty and The Beast.  I'm going with my family to the afternoon showing.  This will be followed by attending a surprise birthday party for one of my fraternity brothers.  Haven't seen him in a long time nor have I seen some of the fellas that will be there.  Have a great weekend and remember, eat right!

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